The Major Risks drugs

When my wife and I are picking a movie to watch, there’s always a long drawn out process to identify which one will satisfy us that particular evening. It’s an arduous assessment of risks for spending two hours that could make us feel really good or force us down a road of disappointment.

“What movie do you want to watch?” she asks.

“Anything is fine with me, Honey. Have your friends recommended anything? Have you looked at the movie ratings?” I gracefully hand the decision over to her. – buy viagra online in Canada.

‘Those ratings are never accurate. They only lead to disappointing outcomes. Remember that Korean movie we saw? We thought it would be a love story, but at the end everyone suddenly died. So depressing.”

“But Korean dramas almost always end with someone dying,” I said, realizing that everyone dies in real life as well — maybe just not as quickly as they do in Korean flicks.

“Yeah, but why would you want to watch a movie if you know you were going to be left with emotional pain? Remember the last movie you picked? It made me throw up.” Apparently, she still hadn’t forgiven me for the airplane documentary that gave her motion sickness.

“Alright, how about a horror movie?”

“No. I don’t want to have difficulty falling asleep.” Insomnia was a side effect of horror films.

I took a shot, “How about Iron Man 2. I heard the special effects are pretty good.” It was a risky move, but I’ve loved comic book characters ever since I was a kid.

“No. Nothing with the word ‘Man’ in it. You Americans love movies with ‘Man’. Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Iron Man. In China, nobody cares about these phony boloney superpowers. It’s like you and your people have this false hope that one day the world would be better if you woke up and discovered you possessed some magic power.” My wife brought our cultural differences into the decision making. In China, not many kids have heard of Marvel superheroes. I wasn’t going to press any further.

Then she decided, “Let’s watch ‘Love and Other Drugs’. I heard it depicts how pharmaceutical sales representatives sell drugs to medical doctors pretty well.”

I was in awe, “So you don’t want to watch a movie that will make you throw up, cause insomnia, over-embellish a hero’s magical powers and lead to a disappointing outcome. But you want to watch a movie about the pharmaceutical industry. Interesting…”

“Well, it stars Anne Hathaway. I’m addicted to her. She’s gorgeous. Help me find the movie.” She turned around and went to look for it before I could ask about her addiction to movie stars.

Speaking of which, addiction is one of the three major risks of taking any pharmaceutical Viagra Canada store. The other two are the unintended side effects and liver damage or kidney failure. Like a poorly produced movie, none of these risks are any fun and they occur more often than we expect.

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