Psychological Sources of ED

To better understand Psychological sources of ED we have to delve into a little bit of neuroscience.

We have previously said that Psychologically based ED doxycycline price canada is not a put-down. The phrase is applicable simply when your ED is being influenced by your ideas, attitudes, beliefs, experience and other nonphysical attributes or what I like to call mental baggage you bring to a sex encounter.

As soon as your senses pick up an opportunity for sex (sex encounter element we call The Situation) your body subconsciously reacts through the Parasympathetic or Sympathetic part of the nervous system.

For our purposes and without getting into very detailed neuroscience, your body’s nervous system is constantly reacting subconsciously and affecting your heart rate, perspiration and a few other functions including sexual arousal. These reactions can be favourable in the sense of sensing pleasure or, threatening, leading to aggression and/or a reaction to flee – the ‘fight or flight’ response. Thus the subconscious autonomous nervous system can be said to react through 2 pathways: Parasympathetic or Sympathetic parts of the nervous system.

The Parasympathetic pathway reaction to a sex encounter stimulation is favourable. The Sympathetic pathway on the other hand, is your body’s reaction when you sense danger or fear or anxiety. By definition if you are not relaxed and feeling any kind of anxiety from whatever source, your reaction to a sex encounter situation could be negative, to a level allowing Mr ED to interfere with your sex encounter plans. Mr ED is a great mate of the Sympathetic pathway. You could say they are drinking buddies. The Sympathetic pathway allows him to crash the party and introduce anxieties, fears, wrong perceptions etc. It underlies the Psychological Sources of ED set out below.

This is why I recommended you review all the sources and not just the ones diagnosed from my Self Diagnosis and Therapy Algorithm. With greater awareness of all the sources you will give yourself a better chance to treat your ED condition for the long run. My recommended Step by Step Therapy is designed to treat all sources so that you can get a Parasympathetic pathway reaction or drive out a Sympathetic reaction whenever you want.

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