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How Can You Know You Have a High Cholesterol Problem?

A lot of people especially those who are health conscious are normally very concerned about high cholesterol symptoms. Having high levels of cholesterol in the blood can result in health dangers and will increase the risk of getting heart or cardiovascular diseases. It is very important to know these symptoms so that if you have […]

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Just What Should Your Blood Pressure Reading Be?

After a visit to your physician you might still find yourself wondering just what should your blood pressure be? Fortunately, for most people the answer is simple. Normal pressure is considered to be around 120 over 80 and if your pressure rises to 140 over 90 or higher it will be considered to be too […]

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What Can I Do To Lessen Post Deep Tissue Massage Soreness?

Before the session: Go into the session hydrated. If your muscles aren’t hydrated, then the circulatory response from a massage isn’t as effective. If you are dehydrated, the body will ration the blood to the highest priority. Your body isn’t going to take the fluid away from organs which are necessary for survival, but your […]

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Should I See an Acupuncture Specialist for Sciatica?

Sciatica is the pain in the back down to the buttock and leg. This is the path of the Sciatic nerve-the longest nerve in the body-that goes from the spinal cord to the buttock and down each leg. This may indicate a problem such as a herniated disc, so it is important to have the […]

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Is Exercise for Lower Back Pain a Good Idea?

If you have or are experiencing acute or chronic back this may well be a question you have asked. Anyone who has experienced this type of pain knows how debilitating it can be, to the point of interfering with the daily tasks that life requires. When you have it there is a whole list of […]

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Does Your Autistic Child Have Defiant Behavior?

There are many days I am sure you have had frustration, especially if you try to manage an autistic person, with a defiant behavior. I did not know what that term defiant behavior meant? I thought it was a child or person who was out of control and was not listening to instructions. I decided […]

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Frustrated About How to Treat Gout?

When afflicted with gout, it’s helpful to listen to people who either took their condition for granted (and learned the hard way) or experimented with so many remedies until they found out exactly how to treat gout. The important things to consider are the foods you consume and the healthy lifestyle habits you must be […]

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Is That Knee Pain Actually Arthritis?

Is arthritis an old persons issue? It does seem to be a lot of those men and women of a certain age do walk and sit so carefully given that they live with regular arthritis discomfort. The issue is painful and it might commence much younger than many people recognize. There are in fact more […]

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How To Cure Amnesia Effectively Using Home Remedies?

Amnesia is very unusual disorder which results from incomplete or complete memory loss. This could be either due to physical or emotional injury to the brain or through the intake of toxic substance that affects the brain. Person suffering from amnesia usually have the problem in memorizing or learning new or old information. This problem […]

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Does Your Migraine Stress You Out?

Everyone talks about stress and how it’s a necessary part of life. Doctors will tell migraine sufferers they are stressed and should avoid it. But what is stress and can it really be avoided? When you are stressed, hormones such as adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol flood your body. You instinctively prepare to fight or take […]

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