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3 Steps to A Healthy, Happier You

Many men and women today work long hours and find it difficult to take time out to just relax. If you are stressed out by your job, skip meals to meet deadlines and find no time to enjoy life you could be heading for a health breakdown. You need to start exercising, eating right and […]

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How Are Sinuses Like Vaginas?

‘Tis the season for sinus problems. They cause you pain, drain your energy, and disrupt your life. So, why do your sinuses inflict such suffering? The answer to this question is a simple product of human anatomy. Sinuses are cavities lined with a type of skin called mucosal skin. In addition to the sinus cavities, […]

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How Did I Become Morbidly Obese?

Environmental Factors Social activities and habits contribute those environmental factors or causes of obesity. Most of those people who work several hours in office or at home which require a sedentary position are likely to become obese. The explanation is that once a person who sits a lot doing their jobs would tend to deposit […]

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Homeopathy – A Viable Cure Or All Just A Hoax?

Controversy swirls around the field of homeopathy on a continuous basis. Many people, both learned in the medical profession and general everyday citizens often state how can anybody waste their time on all of this quack medicine. But as for myself, I have often had excellent results time and time again for different ailments or […]

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Are You Getting Enough Sleep to Avoid Headaches?

There are a few things that the human body needs in order to make sure that it is as healthy as possible. We need to make sure that we are eating the proper foods, keeping our body nourished regularly. Exercise is also something that is beneficial for the human body and can help to balance […]

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Why Do You Have An Achey Back?

A lot of folks have back or neck pain from time to time. They may also have chronic and nagging back or neck pain that lingers. It is only natural when we experience pain to try and figure out exactly what we did that might have caused our misery. Usually, we’re just not sure. There […]

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What’s Interesting About Chinese Medicine?

So many people I meet who have heard of Chinese or Oriental Medicine or are interested in Chinese/Oriental Medicine often say to me, “Gina – I think I might be interested in Chinese/Oriental Medicine, but what exactly is Chinese or Oriental Medicine?” This is a frequently asked question I encounter both in my practice, as […]

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Asthma and Pregnancy – Should You Be Concerned?

Asthma and pregnancy are two conditions, which many people believe are not compatible with each other. That is not always the case. Though it is true that the conditions may worsen in some pregnant women, studies have shown that in some cases they remain the same or even become better in some pregnant women. Being […]

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Scare Tactics In Healthcare and Chiropractic?

While it is not my interest or intent to throw specific chiropractors “under the bus,” I find it necessary to talk in generalities about a certain trend in our profession that I, as a chiropractor, am becoming more and more uncomfortable with. I am referring to a trend that involves a patient being required to […]

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Are You At Risk For Coronary Artery Disease?

The statistics for coronary artery disease are alarming enough to make you worry. Are you at risk for coronary artery disease? What exactly is this disease, what causes it and how do you know if you are at risk or not? What is Coronary Artery Disease & What Causes it? Coronary artery disease is caused […]

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