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Does a BMI Calculator Really Work?

The Body Mass Index (BMI) is a widely accepted mathematical formula that doctors and nutritionists have used for years in order to determine if a person fits within the parameters of a normal, healthy level of body fat. Since these calculators now have such a ubiquitous presence online, millions of people are diagnosing their own […]

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How painful are dental implants?

One need to fix dental implants or mini dental implants if he has lost his teeth or tooth due to an accident or because of senility. Teeth loss is also due to genetic disorders. While getting these implants fixed in their mouth, people are usually seen to be apprehensive about the pain that may accompany […]

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What’s the 411 With Starch?

Starchy foods like potatoes, bread and pasta are foods with fast combustion properties. All are carbohydrates, which provide the main source of the body of the list for fuel use. Nutritionists and dietitians recommend that most of our diet (60%) is composed of the fuel. “Only a small percentage of carbohydrates is getting converted into […]

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What Are Good Fats? And Where Can You Get Them?

Here’s a question for you, have you heard about “good fats” and “bad fats”? Do you want to know what are good fats anyway? I mean, isn’t that an oxymoron? Well, here’s the scoop. All fat isn’t bad for you. In fact, your body needs fat to survive. It needs a certain type of fat […]

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Do You Have A Swallowing Problem?

Many people these days know about the dangers of falling in the elderly. A fall can easily result in a hip fracture or head injury, a hospitalization, or even a fatality. But people may not realize that swallowing problems, too, account for tens of thousands of deaths annually in the United States. This brief article […]

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Do You Have Candida Overgrowth Symptoms?

Inside every human body, the yeast or fungus known as candida albicans lives. This yeast is most prevalent in the intestine, and its growth is usually kept in line by other microorganisms that also live naturally inside your body. There are factors, however, that can cause your body to become a more hospitable environment for […]

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What Are The Major Causes Of Acne?

Acne is a skin condition that strikes many teenagers and even adults. The extent of acne problems is devastating, and it goes beyond just vanity concerns. When plagued with this problem, the individual suffers a low self esteem and may sometimes even refuse to leave his house. When it comes to remedying the problem, it […]

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What Am I Thinking?

When deciding you want to diet to lose weight, individuals say to themselves they will stop eating, and maybe do some exercises and I will be at my targeted weight in no time. Unfortunately, most of the time you end up frustrated and usually weighing more than when you started. When you Diet it’s not […]

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Why Buy the Linden Method Now?

Nowadays, many people have realized that living a life full stress and discomfort is not good anymore. For them, living life with this negative energy will just ruin their lives. When these people go deep to their worries and fears, it will be hard for them to get out of there. Anxiety disorder is a […]

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How Do I Know If It’s Migraine?

You have a headache. Or do you? How can you tell whether it’s “just” a headache or if it might be migraine? Let’s take a look at the symptoms to help you decide. For our purposes we can define a headache as pain felt in any region of the head but usually at the back […]

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