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Why Do You Have An Achey Back?

A lot of folks have back or neck pain from time to time. They may also have chronic and nagging back or neck pain that lingers. It is only natural when we experience pain to try and figure out exactly what we did that might have caused our misery. Usually, we’re just not sure. There […]

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Is Exercise for Lower Back Pain a Good Idea?

If you have or are experiencing acute or chronic back this may well be a question you have asked. Anyone who has experienced this type of pain knows how debilitating it can be, to the point of interfering with the daily tasks that life requires. When you have it there is a whole list of […]

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What Is Lower Back Discomfort?

Lower back pain has effects on both women and men alike. Though there is no particular age group for this ailment, it customarily occurs between the age group of Thirty to 50. While lumbar region is among the commonest health problems, there are only a few of people that understand the issue completely. To get […]

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Why Does Cold Weather Make Back Pain Worse?

Maybe you’ve heard before that people with achy joints or arthritis can predict a cold snap coming long before the local weather man. Have you ever wondered why this is? Or maybe you yourself suffer from back pain that seems to get worse every time winter strikes and the temperature drops below freezing. What exactly […]

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What Is The Cause of Lower Back Pain?

If you are suffering from lower back pain have you ever wondered, what is the cause of lower back pain? There are many causes of low back hurting such as a pulled muscle, arthritis, joint dysfunction, or disc problems. I will discuss these different causes here in more detail. The most common cause of lower […]

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Why Choose To Go Through A Spine Surgery?

Back pain is among the most common complaints of most medical patients to their doctors. Some have simple back pains that heal over a few weeks and some have serious back pains that they have been suffering from for several months already. Some patients choose to undergo conservative treatment even if their doctors have already […]

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