Reasons for Diseases

Many diseases are caused by lack of organic gold in the blood. Weakness and anemia are due to insufficient quantity of iron in the blood. When the human mind is still, it shows that he has less phosphorus in his blood.

If iron is predominant in the blood, it produces a kind of thoughts, if copper predominates – another kind of thoughts. In general, each element – iron, copper, tin, lead, silver, gold – produces a specific effect on the thoughts and feelings of people.

Any disorder in the physical body, either in its sympathetic system or in its nervous one, shows that there is a lack of an element in the blood. This element is provided not only by food, but by thoughts and feelings.

If you have a look at the hand of man, as a clairvoyant, around it, you will notice a light, mobile hand, which is a doppelganger of the physical one. As long as the doppelganger of the human hand acts correctly, the physical hand is normal. If the doppelganger is crippled somehow, the physical hand will be crippled, too. Not only the hand, but the whole human body has a specific doppelganger. If the doppelganger separates prematurely from the physical man totally or partially, various mutilations, diseases Canadian Pharmacy Viagra, etc. appear. The total or partial paralysis is due to premature separation of the doppelganger from the physical body of somebody. The premature separation of the doppelganger is due to incorrect adoption of the natural energies through the hands and feet.

The main reason of diseases is due to the disharmony between the doppelganger and the physical body. In the front part of the brain there are a particular kind of brain white threads, through which the activity of human consciousness, which is related to the doppelganger, manifests. The doppelganger is a device, by which the powers of nature manifest. The physical body lives thanks to its doppelganger and if the relationship between the body and the doppelganger are not correct and harmonious, lots of diseases occur.

If someone faints, you shall know that the relation between the doppelganger and the body has lost for a moment, the connection has been broken.

Sufferings, especially with spiritual people, are due to their great sensitiveness, to the fact that the ether, astral doppelganger goes out more than it is needed, as a result of which it receives more impressions and, of course, suffers more.

The whole man’s body, outside and inside, is wrapped with a special matter, called matrix. When the matrix is healthy, one feels well. He is in good spirits, healthy and strong. If the matrix cracks, lots of chemical processes happen in the human body, which affect it painfully. As long as one keeps unnatural thoughts and feelings or if he doubts, suspects, speaks evil, his matrix may always crack.

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