The Next Big Thing in PDE-5 Drugs Manufacturing Process Is Coming

What do you know about PDE 5 inhibitors except for the part that they all can be easily and quickly purchased in a reliable Canadian Pharmacy? These drugs are exceptional due to their ability to block cGMP and ensure long and firm penile erections during 4-5 hours after the consumption of approved inhibitors: Viagra (1998), Cialis (2003), Levitra (2003), Stendra (2012).

Is there any new kind of phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor that could help ED sufferers worldwide? Men call Viagra or Cialis from Canada the medications worth consideration. However, generic versions are identical to their brand counterparts. They include the same ingredients and lead to the same effects, both positive and negative. To date, there is a new magic pill that works faster than Viagra and affects most ED symptoms within minutes.

Meet New Uprima Pills to Forget about Old Failures

PDE-5 Drugs

For years men had to suffer from erectile dysfunction due to many reasons. Many problems were triggered by physiological factors. Others came into action because of psychological instabilities. Then there appeared Viagra – a magic blue pill that affected the penile area which was impossible to control consciously. The active elements allowed the blood flow become more intensive and cause an erection.  Over 15 millions of men depend on this medication. Other sufferers take either Cialis or Levitra.

By the way, over the past years these medications became more affordable for men with different financial means. Canadian Pharmacy made it possible to get high-quality medications at the cost that ruins neither family budget nor partners’ sexual life. One could hardly expect anything new to come, could he? But today the manufacturing process includes another medication worth special attention – Uprima.

Uprima Does What Viagra Lacks Time, Strength and Ability For

There are three primer differences that make Uprima a better choice. Let’s start with what it targets and proceed to the effect it provides:

  • Uprima (know more about this drug) affects the brain and not the body parts. It targets the brain areas that are responsible for the penis smooth muscle control. After being consumed, it makes the muscle relax and boost the blood flow;
  • Whatever Canadian Viagra dose you take, you shouldn’t worry about whether it’s taken on a full or empty stomach. In case of Uprima the stomach must be full. And though a pill dissolves under the tongue and not in the stomach, fewer side effects occur, if some food was eaten.
  • Viagra needs 60 minutes to ensure effects. Uprima leads to the same results in less than 15 minutes. It makes it a better choice for those men, who like spontaneity in sex. Besides, there are no really severe side effects that they should get worried about.

Is there anything that Makes Uprima & Viagra Alike?

  • Neither of drugs will work without sexual stimulation. So, they are a perfect choice for men, who feel sexual stimulation, yet face frequent or rare ED problems.
  • The principles of their work are identical: if the smooth muscles are relaxed, the blood flow will be more intensive, which means that ED will disappear if not for good, than at least for several hours.
  • They both have pretty strict prescription rules. Men with Parkinson’s, diabetes, liver or kidney failures as well as severe spinal injuries aren’t allowed to take Viagra or Uprima for their sexual life improvement.
  • These drugs both appeared from quite different cures. For instance, Viagra was initially developed for Angina treatment, while Uprima was meant to cure Parkinson’s. In the latter case great side effects were noticed.

Should We Rely on New Pills and Reject Viagra?

Since July 2015 men have an option of this kind. They can refuse from standard blue pills in favor of a new brand. Its occurrence in the market is surely a big thing, yet still most physicians suggest using Uprima, along with popular Generic Cialis (To be on the safe side, make sure that you know everything about Cialis, its possible adverse effects and drug interactions –, as an alternative to Viagra pills.

It’s a relatively new medication, so even the most reliable Canadian Pharmacies with a large stock of quality pills and affordable costs can hardly provide much Uprima. Take into account that trials and researches haven’t come to the end now and there is a chance for both some positive and negative Uprima aspects to be discovered.

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