What Is Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI)?

Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI) is a condition wherein the leg veins are not able to pump enough blood back to the heart. It is caused by congenital absence of or damage to venous valves; venous incompetence from thrombi; and thrombi formation that is primarily caused by venous stasis, hypercoagulability, and endothelial trauma, collectively known as Virchow triad.

There are several risk factors that would predispose an individual to CVI.

  • Increasing age is one of the risk factors since the incidence of CVI is directly proportional with age.
  • A family history of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) that causes the valvular incompetence which results to backflow and increased venous pressure also predisposes an individual to CVI.
  • Sedentary lifestyle, obesity, and prolonged standing increases venous pressure which makes it a risk factor.
  • And lastly, there is an increased risk for CVI in individuals who smoke.

People with CVI have varicose veins due to the increased venous pressure on the legs. Complaints of leg discomfort are common primarily due to venous hypertension from prolonged standing. Patients would describe this as a burning sensation, dull ache, or heaviness in the legs. Leg edema is also present due to the damage in the capillary membranes. Skin changes in the legs can also be seen due to capillary proliferation, fat necrosis, and fibrosis of skin and subcutaneous tissues. The skin appears reddish or brown due to hemosiderin deposition. Skin ulcers are often seen due to poor blood flow to the lower extremities.

– Vein ligation is indicated for patients with severe leg pain, skin ulcers due to poor venous blood flow, and thickening and hardening of the skin in the affected leg.
– Sclerotherapy is also used to manage CVI; where the physician injects a strong chemical to the affected veins, scarring the abnormal vein, which results to inability of the veins to fill with blood. The blood will then be returned back to the heart using other veins.
– Ablation can also be done where a catheter is inserted into the varicose vein, heating its walls and destroying the vein tissue.

However, for mild cases of CVI, the usage of compression stockings is recommended. These are elastic stockings used to squeeze veins, stopping the backflow of excess blood. These are also used to manage skin sores. For patients with CVI, wearing of compression stockings is for life. Prolonged sitting or standing is avoided. Movement or activity is important to improve the circulation. Wound care is also important in cases of skin breakdown and infections.

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The Body’s “Natural Current” – What Is It?

Candidly I have no idea what is referenced as the body’s “natural current” that is referenced often by those who are able to heal, stop pain, measure moods etc. It is true that our body is a culture with many subcultures of living cells that respond to different electrical frequencies. It is that ability of our body to respond to different currents that befuddles me when anyone claims to be able to “find and use the body’s natural current”, that I have trouble understanding.

Let’s digress a moment.

We have cells in our body that are specific to certain electromagnetic frequencies. Examples of this are the retinal cells at the back of our eye, an extension of our optic nerve, that respond to specific frequencies of light. It is that special ability to be stimulated by the frequency of the color green for example that allows us to see the color green. Some of the retinal cells respond to blue, pink, red, orange and so forth.

If we turn our back to the wall where there is a painting that has all the colors described above then we are not able to discern the colors. Heck we can’t even “see” the painting, much less the colors!! For sure the specific frequencies ( assuming the lights are kept on) are still there, but on our back, the hair on the back of our head, there are no cells that are stimulated by those frequencies. Without cells to receive the stimulus in the presence of the stimulus then we do not perceive them.

In the animal world the dog has very specific nasal cells that perceive odors which humans do not have. As an example we humans may smell the overall blended fragrances of a fresh baked pepperoni pizza. For us it’s a “blended response” we perceive as “pizza”, the totality of fragrances or one specific fragrance of baked cheese.

Dogs smell pizza very differently. They smell the actual pepperoni, the mushrooms, the cheese, dough, olive oil etc. They are able to do so because of specialized receptor cells that are stimulated by the specific characteristics of each ingredient. As with dogs we humans are exposed to the same stimuli, but we lack the totality of cell specific receptors and are unable to differentiate the specifics of all the ingredients.

Our body is composed of a multitude of cells that evolved over time specific to a purpose. We can see, taste, smell, feel, due to the characteristics of those cells. Our world is as great as our ability to perceive.

It is common knowledge when our body is harmed, suffers injury that in certain areas of our body the cells adjust and become either “more conductive” or “less resistant” to electricity. This is manifested by the simple touching of an injured area and watching how we respond. Example is a sprained ankle and when one touches certain parts of the ankle there is “tenderness” or “pain”. If one touches another aspect of that same ankle and presses then there is no pain. The “tenderness” is specific to a location even when the pressure applied is the same.

It is these “points of tenderness” which seem to be called ” the body’s natural current” points. It is not a natural current but is a universal response to injury that all humans exhibit. Those specific points can also be identified easily with a simple ohm meter purchased from a local hardware store. There is no “magic” to this, only very specific electrical measurements specific to the patient and to injury and healing.

Once those points are exposed to electrical currents they adjust and become less sensitive and are not painful upon palpation (touching/pressure). These “points” actually change their electrical characteristics and the measurement can be used for diagnostic purposes to evaluate healing and pain reduction.

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What Is Electroacupuncture?

Electroacupuncture is a therapy that recently came into the picture. It uses the successful and powerful principles of Chinese acupuncture. It inserts needles at Simulated Points, known as acupoints to relieve the pain. The major difference between acupuncture and electroacupuncture is the use of current to widen the scope of treatment.

In Electroacupuncture, similar to that of acupuncture, needles are inserted by anacupuncturist at desired points for simulation. The needles are then connected with a device that generates steady and continuous electric pulses using small clips. These devices come into use when acupuncturist needs to limit frequency and intensity to be supplied in the needle depending upon patients’ severity. Electroacupuncture uses 2 needles at the same time so as to let the impulses pass from one needle to other. Usually the treatment is imparted for not more than 30 minutes, and during that period several pairs of needles may be inserted into the patient’s body.

The main advantage of Electroacupuncture methods is that a therapist does not have to be exact and precise with the insertion of needles at acupoints. The current that flows through the needles covers a larger area. Hence, if the needle is inserted at a nearby point then the effect can easily pass on to the focal point. For those of us who fear the needles, Electroacupuncture can be implemented without needles. In no-pins method, electrodes are tapped to surface of the skin rather than being inserted in it. This technique is called Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Simulation.

Based on traditional principles of the Chinese medicine, the main reason of illness is when qi is not flowing properly throughout the human body. So acupuncturists analyze and calculate if qi is weak, stagnant or disproportionately balanced. Electronacupuncture is considered to be successful in cases where qi is accumulated, i.e., for chronic pain syndromes.

Now days, apart from treatment, Electroacupuncture is used as a form of anesthesia, a sore reliever for muscle spasms, and for treating neurological disorders. Studies around the globe indicate that electroacupunture is showing positive results for treating skin problems like acne, renal colic and for acute nausea caused by cancer drugs. Also some researchers indicate the electrical simulation by needle electrodes activates endorphin system, which helps in controlling blood pressure and reducing chances of blood pressure.

Electroacupunture is advantageous over acupuncture as it is an effective alternative for prolonged and continuous hand maneuvering as this assures patient gets right amount of simulation from device but an acupuncturist may pause and get exhausted. Also as patient gets continuous stimulus, this helps in reducing the treatment time. Multiple patients can be attended by a single acupuncturist after setting adequate intensity in electrode device. If in some cases a stronger simulation is required, it can be dealt with by supplying a stronger current. Therefore, tissue damage by twirling and thrusting of needles, which is done in acupuncture can be avoided.

Reviewing all the advantages and the bright future of this technique, this promises to be our gift to next generation.

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How Long Will Your Cravings Last?

How long will my cravings last when I stop smoking? – is a question everyone who is thinking about stopping will usually be asking themselves, because as soon as the cravings start to ease of you start to see light at the end of the tunnel.

The answer to this question will vary slightly for different sizes of people and it will depend on how many you smoke a day, but it is basically two to three weeks. After two or three weeks your cravings will seriously reduce and once you have made it that far you won’t want to go back anyway, back to the chains of addiction!

Dealing with your cravings within the first few weeks can be very difficult, but not impossible. It was a great help to me when I stopped to just go somewhere quiet and sit by yourself until that particularly strong or annoying craving goes away, and obviously the last thing you need while overcoming your cravings is a loud or annoying anything.

Of course this is where it gets tricky because someone who works in a relaxed environment will have a huge advantage over say, a nurse who works in a busy accident and emergency ward. The key to learning how to stop smoking and getting past this is a simple matter of timing. Do not choose to stop a day before you work a busy Thursday, Friday and Saturday night! You will end up murdering an unsuspecting loudmouth or throwing the really annoying toaster that always sticks when it pops, right through a window.

Instead wait until you can take some holidays, even four days or so will allow you some damned peace and quiet to get you through the worst part of stopping, because make no mistake, even slightly annoying things are going to warp into really annoying ones so where would you rather be? at work surrounded by potential disasters which will send your fingers twitching for the lighter and cigarette or at home where you can have peace and quiet?

We both know the answer is at home. And once you have got past the more difficult cravings you will rise from the “this is difficult and annoying!” phase to the “I feel better and I now realise this is possible” phase.

Of course when you return to work you will still come across problems that are going to twist your last nerve but you’ll be less likely to start smoking again because you had those four or five quiet days to yourself, and the more time you put between yourself and smoking the less likely you will be to ever go back.

Two or three weeks isn’t a very long time to endure cravings for, it just seems that way because you are tense and annoyed, but please stick to it, you’ll be beyond glad that you did!

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How Minoxidil Helps Prevent Baldness?

Spectral DNC is loss of hair therapies which have to discover the substance like Aminexil which is additional of the Minoxidil. There are various substances containing the Minoxidil because it’s highly valuable. It is generally said that hair thinning is not the result given by Aminexil. The roots of the hair are locked completely by ceasing the root base only. This loss of hair therapy does not mainly comprise of Aminexil though, it is vital part in the portion and consist even of retinol which assists with the intake of Aminexil connected to your roots. There are many more components which work well around the scalp and develop blood circulation. This makes the hair folliciles grow healthier and even dries up soon. This product can prevent complete baldness after preventing effective formulation methods. This product can halt the baldness around the side and back of the head too.
Minoxidil is a medication specifically prescribed to reduce the balding process and result in high stimulation of hair growth. This is very effective and works better for mid aged 40 year’s people having recent hair fall. But Minoxidil does not work on the receding hair growth and even has absolutely no effect on hairlines. This will not cure baldness as strands of hair are lost immediately after the drug effect is stopped. This comes in liquid form and can be easily applied on the scalp. Its best results are shown when used twice a day. One must strictly follow its the directions to use. One must not exceed the dosage of Minoxidil as every human body is different. Excess use will not ensure fast hair growth but chances of side effects increase after using it for 4 months and maximum till 1 year. Metered-spray, extender spray, rub-on applicator is used for large scalp, small head scalp respectively.
With the Rogaine Foam one can deliver the minoxidil directly into the scalp and is very effective just like the traditional lotion. This will not even leave your hair in messed state. The foam quickly liquefies as it is designed for foamy texture at room temperature. This lotion quickly gets absorbed and hence one must use it after rinsing the hand in cold water before the foam application.


Rogaine Foam one can deliver the minoxidil directly into the scalp and is very effective just like the traditional lotion. This will not even leave your hair in messed state. The foam quickly liquefies as it is designed for foamy texture at room temperature. This lotion quickly gets absorbed and hence one must use it after rinsing the hand in cold water before the foam application.
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What Causes Premature Arthritis?

Arthritis is a painful condition involving the joints. The meeting point between two bones is called a joint. To avoid friction in the joints, lubrication is naturally provided in the form of synovial fluid. In the course of time, the quantity of synovial fluid decreases, leading to arthritis. Thus, one of the major causes of arthritis is aging. The functioning of the joints is like that of a machine. Machines become creaky and less efficient with time. This is exactly what is happening with the joints as well. However, the longevity of machines depends on how well they are maintained. Just like that, how long the joints would last is also decided by how well we are keeping them.

What Causes Premature Arthritis?

While the efficiency of the joints decreases with time, there are other factors which are contributing to early arthritis in individuals. The most important factor is the altered modern lifestyles. This includes the advent of unhealthy dietary habits. Arthritis arises as a result of inflammatory reactions at the joints. One of the contributing factors is the consumption of inflammatory foods.

Inflammatory Foods

The classical examples of inflammatory foods are the processed foods. Another example is beverages sweetened with sugar.

    • Fructose is the main culprit here. To cut down costs, manufacturing industries have shifted from sucrose to high fructose syrup.


  • Vegetable oils which have a high omega 6 to omega 3 fatty acid ratio also cause inflammatory reactions at the joints. It is better to use something like rice bran oil which has significant quantities of omega 3 fatty acids.
  • Trans fats also induce inflammation. Trans fats are present in fast foods, deep fried foods and in foods prepared with partially hydrogenated oils.
  • Dairy products are also capable of producing inflammation. This is particularly true with people who are allergic to milk.
  • Commercially produced meat also is responsible to a certain extent in this matter. This is because the meat is obtained from animals raised on grains high in omega 6 fatty acids.
  • The consumption of red meat is equally responsible for joint damaging reactions.
  • Other culprits include chronic alcoholism and the intake of highly refined grains. When grains are polished to give a better appearance, much of the protective B complex vitamins are removed. The polishing of rice is the best example for this.

Other factors which contribute to premature arthritis include obesity and sedentary lifestyle which promotes increase in obesity. It is movement which is the best medicine for arresting the arthritic progression. Movement keeps the joints reasonably lubricated. This is precisely why walking is the best form of exercise for leading a healthy life.

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What Does Clinical Depression Feel Like?

In this article I will be discussing clinical depression symptoms and what they feel like to those that suffer from this condition. If you are not already aware about clinical depression symptoms, than this article will definitely be a benefit to you especially if you or someone you know has depression. In addition, if you know someone that is suffering from depression to the point of where they may be suicidal please refer them to a medical expert. Many people who suffer from depression get suicidal.

Clinical depression symptoms have been described as severe feelings of loneliness, worthlessness, as well as sadness. Clinical depression is much more than just being sad, the condition is very repetitive to the point of anything and everything can become negative to you. A lot of sufferers from the condition of depression often isolate themselves away from everyone else. They may cry a lot or even pull over when driving to an empty parking lot just to cry. It should come as no surprise that those that have depression do not like others to know that they are sad. Which can surely cause several hardships throughout the course of time that your clinical depression is it’s worse.

Often times, those with depression abuse the people that love them which sometimes leads to so much isolation that they never have a chance to say goodbye or apologize. These types of situations in conjunction with your already going depression can make for very intense episodes. viagra online australia

Clinical depression episodes usually occur when the suffer is delving into negativity. As we said before, the negative can take over the positive to a point where you now hate everything. You hate everything about yourself, you don’t think you can do anything good, you don’t think your life is doing okay, you think everyone hates you, you have a hard time with social functions, etc. This can make it very difficult to find help in the first place especially if you have social limitations within your depression.

Another bad thing about depression, is the fact that those with the condition often times want to sleep a lot. Sleeping levels in excess of 12 hours a day just because they can’t deal with their everyday lives. This type of sleeping is not healthy to the body, especially when meals and fluids for the body are missed. One last tidbit of information for this article is the fact that those with depression are mainly running from life. Which is something that I believe everyone needs in their lives in order to function and be successful.

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How Home Remedies Really Work?

Nobody really enjoys doctor appointments. There tend to be long waits both in the waiting room then in the examination room. Not only are the co-pays a pain in the you-know-what, but working with a physician who can’t remember your name or history without looking at your chart isn’t exactly heartwarming. All the same, if there are actually important medical decisions to make, nothing will ever be better than the advice of a doctor. When you need to take care of a significant illness, it’s really important that you talk to your doctor. If the condition is small, though, there are likely quite a few solutions already in your home. Keep reading to find out more about some of the most popular and most successful home remedies that you can use to feel better.

When you start to experience feelings of nausea or if you feel sick to your stomach, you should eat a small amount of ginger. There are all sorts of feeling sick that can be lessened by having some ginger: motion sickness, morning sickenss and even sometimes the nausea that is felt by cancer patients after they undergo chemotherapy. If you aren’t able to get any real ginger root, there are always ginger capsules that you can take. 250 mg ginger root pills are typically what get advised by people most of the time when they cannot find or aren’t able to afford fresh ginger root.

Do you often experience amplified blood pressure levels. Try to consume a couple of portions of chocolate and listening to some music. Dark chocolate is especially abundant with antioxidants which can be really helpful in lowering a person’s blood pressure because those antioxidants can expand your blood vessels which will allow the blood to pass a lot more freely through your system. Choose a music which is calming and repeated. You can help yourself even more by breathing deeply from your belly. An ounce of chocolate as well as ten minutes of slow repeated music (like Celtic music, Indian music or maybe Classical music) can do wonders for your health and your emotions.

Women who suffer from menstrual cramps could be aided quite a bit by putting some warmth onto your lower back or your abdomen. Believe it or not this old “use a heating pad or maybe a hot water bottle” old wives’ take really is effective! If you do not have the time to lie around with a heating pad, you can buy the heated adhesive patches. These patches keep heated for up to eight hours along with medical studies have proven that they are just as effective as taking medicine like ibuprofen for pain (without your having to worry about the alter effects pain meds can have on your system).

If you happen to be consumed with stress, try some herbal aroma therapy. Studies have shown that the floral scented compound called linalool can do a lot to help you lessen your stress levels. So, if you feel really stressed out, try taking a whiff of an orange or some lemons, mangoes, grapes, lavender or basil. Thats a lot less expensive than a visit to the doctors office!

Obviously, none of this advice is meant to substitute for advice given to you by your physician and if any of these problems are happening to you regularly, a visit to the doctor’s office should be put on your to-do list. For lesser issues, however, from time to time those great home remedies actually get the job done!

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Does Acupuncture Work for Anxiety and Pulled Muscles?

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese treatment that has a wide variety of uses. It’s been around for thousands of years and has been used to treat individuals suffering from back pain and other forms of pain, to improve fertility, relieve stress, and for other purposes.

It works by inserting thin, sterile needles in certain points on the body, which practitioners believe helps to release positive energy, which in the process pushes out negative energy. Practitioners believe that a life force, called Qi, may become blocked due to trauma, stress, poor diet or lack of exercise, and may manifest in a variety of different ways. By unblocking this life energy, patients feel relief.

Anxiety and depression affect people around the world, and many seek treatment in a variety of forms from speaking with a therapist to prescription medication. Acupuncture has been helpful in addressing depression and anxiety, as it can be a good reliever of stress. It is intended to relax individuals throughout the treatment, which can have a positive effect on many individuals who are suffering from depression or anxiety.

Acupuncture has even been used to treat individuals with a pulled muscle or back pain. It’s treated those with arthritis, headaches and migraines, whiplash, sciatica, fractures, muscle tears, bruises, etc. Before you seek acupuncture for any injury or emotional disorder such as anxiety, post-partum depression, etc. speak with your doctor. Individuals may enjoy varying degrees of success with acupuncture, but many have reported success with a variety of conditions including infertility.

The exact reasons for acupuncture’s success are not fully understood, but studies have indicated that putting the thin needles used in acupuncture into certain points on the body helps with the production of endorphins. Scientists differ as to whether certain activities such as acupuncture help to release endorphins, as studies conducted use endorphin plasma levels and this may not be an accurate portrayal of endorphin plasma levels present in the central nervous system.

Nevertheless, the ancient treatment has been reported successful by many individuals who have given acupuncture a try. It continues to be used by athletes to treat certain injuries or pain, as well as many in the general public who are dealing with physical injuries or emotional issues such as stress and anxiety. Finding ways to manage and relieve stress can have a positive impact on several aspects of one’s life, and acupuncture is one such means by which many achieve this goal.

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Fastest Way To Lose Weight?

What is the fastest way to lose weight? This is probably the most asked question in the health and fitness industry around the world. The answer is a lot more complex than you think. There are many quick ways to lose weight, such as diet pills and fad diets, but are they really that good for you? Weight loss can be both fast and healthy, and I will explain how in the following few paragraphs.

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  • The first step to fast weight loss is of course changing your diet. This doesn’t mean immediately excluding all the foods you love from your diet. The change from an unhealthy diet to a healthy diet must be a slow and gradual process. The reason why most people fail and give in to cravings is that they make the change to suddenly, and naturally miss the food they used to eat more! Begin by making your breakfasts fat free for a week, then minimize the calories you eat for lunch the next week, then finally start preparing healthy dinners the week after. It is a good idea to have one cheat meal a week, this will keep the cravings at bay!
  • The next stage of the answer to the ‘fastest way to lose weight’ is to start an exercise program. Again this does not have to be painful and strenuous. If you fitness levels are low, you will burn enough fat to really make a difference just by going for a walk. Research has proven the minimum requirements for effective fast fat loss is to exercise continuously for half an hour, at least 4 days a week. Try to get into a routine, such as exercises every afternoon as soon as you get home from work, or going for a walk every day after dinner. Walk with a friend, or grab you iPod and the 1/2 hour will be over before you know it. You will lose weight as well as decreasing your chances of many heart conditions and diabetes.
  • The last step is to set some achievable goals. This will keep you motivated and help keep you on track. Start off by setting you long-term goal, which may be to lose 40 pounds in the next two months. Then break this down into smaller goals, such as to lose 5 pounds this week. Then work you hardest to get this. You will have some weeks better weeks and some weeks where you wont lose the five, but keep trying to hit that weekly target as best you can. Before you know it you have lost the 40 pounds you always wanted.

You may wish to kick-start you weight loss efforts by using diet pills. Make sure you check with your doctor and get a medical professionals advice on what pills are best for you. They will indeed help you lose weight fast, but must not be relied upon for long-term weight management.

In conclusion, the fastest way to lose weight entails a combination of low-fat diet, moderate regular exercise, and may be supplemented by diet medications for a kick-start to your weight loss and metabolism!

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